About Me

How Photography Started

Hello my name is Henry Lam and I’ve been a photographer since 2003. I currently live with my wife Elaine in Brisbane, Australia.

 Over my life as a photographer I have come to learn to appreciate a variety of genres of photography.


Travelling has only recent been something that I have grown akin to loving. Inspired by known photographers such as Elia Lorcadi, Art Wolfe and Richard I’anson.

My goal in my travel photos is to evoke, inspiration. I want to inspire my viewers to one; appreciate the beauty in these places around the world and two; create a desire for them to visit for themselves.


Cityscape photography to me is about capturing the cities buildings in their best light and location. Just like a game of Bingo, I feel the more places I capture, the more I feel like I am winning.

I also have a slight obsession for skyscrapers and iconic buildings. I have high regards on how people from different backgrounds, specialities must have come together to work on such mega-projects.

I have always loved a good city view with lights and interesting buildings and skyscrapers. Cities often show off the character and culture of the environment. When it comes to cityscapes, it is preferred to capture the scenery during the evening or morning blue hour. I tend to prefer the evening blue hour as it usually has more of the city lights on. 


When it comes to photographing people I enjoy expressing the comfort and joy of being around others. I love having people take part in my pictures. Friendliness, fun and comfort are my dominating values around my people pictures. I will comfortably  admit my favourite type of people to photograph are beautiful women.


Finally teaching has always been a passion of mine.  I love learning and passing on my knowledge to other photographers. For me teaching is a way of me giving back to the photography world. As you can already tell, I love photography and wanting to share that love to others is something I hold very dear.

If you managed to have read up to this far, I thank you. This blog is dedicated to all those who follow me. I want people to come here often and feel inspired by the content I put in here.

  Whether your are a photography enthusiast or just browsing. There is something here for everyone. Please feel free to share this page around to the people who you think will benefit, and please don’t leave without saying hello 🙂

Much Love, Henry

If you wish to work or chat with me regarding photography click below and write me an email.