Cairns | Australia

Sunrise at Cairns' Iconic Esplanade Lagoon.
Sunrise at Cairns' Iconic Esplanade Lagoon.

Just under two weeks from finishing the Sydney trip earlier on the month, Elaine and I were ready to take on our next short adventure. This time we are heading to the tropical city of Cairns in northern Queensland.

Cairns is a popular tourist city in Australia and is famous for tours to the Great Barrier Reef.

Elaine and I stayed for 4 days in this city. During our stay we enjoyed a variety of different asian foods and experienced a day tour out to the Great Barrier Reef.


Riley, A Crystalbrook Resort

For our 4 night stay, Elaine and I were booked into Riley, A Crystalbrook Resort. This was a very comfortable 5 star hotel with a generous size room and a lovely 3 section pool. Our room had a balcony overlooking the pool and glimps of the ocean in the background.

The one thing I love staying in a 5 star resort on a warm tropical day is to use the pool whenever I can. I tend to use it away from direct sunlight, so I routinely used the pool either early in the morning or later on at night. Our hotel also had complimentary bikes for hire, which Elaine and I took advantage of. 

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