Kase Wolverine Series - Entry Level kit - 100mm K9 Review

Photographing the cityscape of Cesky Krumlov with Kase 3 stop Gradual Neutral Density Filter, attached with Kase K9 holder.

The Kase Wolverine series, Entry Level Kit 100mm K9 filter system is a comprehensive filter set that allows photographers to alter their images straight from the camera.

The kit comes with:
  • Wolverine 100x150mm SGND filter 0.9 (3 stop Soft Grad)
  • Wolverine 100x150mm ND filter ND64 (6 Stop ND)
  • Magnetic Circular Polariser 90mm slimline magnetic polarising filter
  • K9 100mm Allow filter holder
  • Soft carry bag (holds up to 10 filters)
  • 2x geared adapter rings (77-90mm) & (82-90mm) – Magnetic
  • 2 x Step rings: 67-82mm & 72-82mm Soft Filter Bag
How to use:

To begin using the filters you simply screw the adapter ring that matches your lens’s filter thread. For example if you use a Canon 16-35mm 2.8 lens that has a thread of 82mm, thus you will screw on the 82-90mm geared adapter ring. The 82-90 has a magnetic reciprocal that will accept the Kase 90mm Magnetic Circular polariser to fit straight on. I personally enjoy how the magnetic system simply fits onto the lens, it just makes functional sense. The attachment is firm and I don’t have any doubts of it falling off whilst operating the filter.

If I want to use the other filters in conjunction with the polariser filter, Then I have to attach the K9 holder on the end of the lens. Now, this attachment is not as smooth as attaching the magnetic polariser as it does require more manual dexterity to ensure you fit the holder flush and without any cross-threading.

Having the k9 holder attached enables me to stack up to 3x 100mm 2.5mm filters from Kase’s 100mm range.

Build Quality and Handling

Material and feel for use is exceptionally good. In my opinion, the filters are easy to maintain, and they are fairly resistant to fingerprints. The filter holder is constructed with a quality alloy and is lightweight. When I hold onto the filter setup, I feel that the product is of quality.The glass filters are ‘advertised’ that it can be dropped from working height. I haven’t however tested this fact but I don’t always baby my gear when I’m out shooting either. Lets just say that using Kase filters, I have confidence that the equipment will last and be reliable to do the task I require.

Image quality

Like other high quality filters, Kase filters have no color cast when used. The circular polariser does a great job at increasing the contrast and mitigating glare from scattered light. Take a look at some of the images on this blog for examples.

Overall, I’m happy with the Kase filter setup, I love how the magnetic polariser is so practical for fitting on. The only downside that I can say is the attachment of the K9 filter can be a bit fiddly at times.

If you are interested in owning a set of Kase filters simply start off by sending me an email at he********@gm***.com

Kase Review
Kase K9 Filter holder attached with 100mm 6Stop ND64 filter attached to my Canon 16-35 2.8 II L Lens. Photographing Flinders Street Train Station in the heart of Melbourne city.


Left/Top: The image was taken with no filters attached, Although it is a nice photograph of the St Kilda Pier sunset, the effect of putting a 6-Stop ND filter.
Right/Bottom photo gives it more impact by blurring the clouds and smoothening of the water. Raw file straight out of camera.

Left/Top: Image with no filter attached, you can see the glare on the water and the sky is rather flat. Both the settings are constant as you can see the rocks on the left share the same exposure values.

 Right/Bottom: you can see the mitigation of glare on the water by being able to see more detail beneath the surface. Notice how the clouds and blue sky contrast each other more.

Both images Raw, straight out of camera with no edits.

K9 Filter attached with 72-82mm step up adapter, on Canon TSE 24mm 3.5 L Lens and Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

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