Photo Story 01 - Boy and Busker

Innocent young boy approaches busker on the street and play their guitar.


On a bustling street corner in Fremantle, a young boy caught a glimpse of a guitar busker. He was drawn to the instrument and felt a compulsion to approach. As he got closer, the musician flashed a warm smile and encouraged the boy to strum the strings. To his amazement, the boy approached and began to play along with the busker, producing beautiful sounds that filled the air. It was a magical moment, a perfect collision of two strangers brought together by music. As they played and danced, their joy and passion for the craft was infectious, and soon a small crowd gathered around to share in the experience. For them, music was more than just a performance; it was a way of expressing themselves and connecting with others. And in that moment, they knew that this was what music was all about – the joy of creating, sharing, and connecting.


Photography and Camera Talk

Photographed with the Canon EOS 3, TMAX 400 black and white film and EF 50mm 1.4 Lens.


My camera was set to aperture priority and it was a matter of just point shoot and prey that the shutter was fast enough to give me a sharp image. Since being on film I had no immediate way of knowing the result. I took another shot just in case in a vertical format to make sure I get at least one.


I just so happen to be standing at the right spot as I saw a young boy rush towards the busker to started playing on their guitar. The moment was innocent, cute and adorable. 


I seldom shoot street photography and this photograph was taken back in 2011. This photograph still remains as one of my favourite spontaneous shots I have ever captured.


  • Always keep a lookout for the story worthy moment to photograph.
  • Any camera on hand is better than having no camera at all.
  • Work with the equipment you have with you.
  • Story trumps technical ALWAYS.
Vertical alternative photograph of young boy approaching busker.

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