About Me

How Photography Started

Photography has been an interest to me since an early age – around 10. I remember seeing film cameras in catalogues and wanted to own one. During  grade 10 I actually enrolled in photography but I did not do very well. Struggling to grasp the technical side of photography and working in the dark room, resulted in a very ordinary F mark 🙁

It wasn’t until I was 18 (2002) I realized I had an emotional connection in how beautiful everything around me looked. That interest was attributed to my first pair of prescription glasses. I was ignorant of the fact that I was walking around the world short-sighted with things more than 2 meters started becoming blurry. 

With the combination of my new acquired super-power and re-ignition of photography, it  started a feeling inside me that has only ever became stronger over time. 

My first serious investment of photography set me back around AU$4000 at the time, It was a Canon EOS 30D with a 24-105 F4 IS Lens and accessories. Today, that lens is still used, everything else has aged gracefully (my 30D is my model in a display cabinet just there to look cool).

Fast forward two decades of photography, I still love it more than ever. During the time I dabbed with a variety of genres. I’ve done portraiture, news, sports, weddings and real estate. I have also had the pleasure to mentor and teach people photography.

Today, Location photography is my #1 area. Location photograph is travel, cityscape, landscape images of a given location.

 I was inspired by photographers such as Elia Lorcadi (Photographing the World) and Art Wolfe back in 2016.

If you managed to have read up to this far, I thank you. This blog is dedicated to all those who follow me. I want people to come here often and feel inspired by the content I put in here.

  Whether your are a photography enthusiast or just browsing. There is something here for everyone. Please feel free to share this page around to the people who you think will benefit, and please don’t leave without saying hello 🙂

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