A Noisy Photo is Always Better than a Clean Dark and Blurry Photo

The lady was taking a bunch of selfies with her phone with the city in the background. (ISO 25600)

It is always preferred to have a grainy/noisy photo as opposed to a clean blurry one.

It boggles my mind how many photographers become so hesitant about cranking up their ISO on their cameras. I understand that the best quality is obtained with a low ISO, however ISO is often necessary to be high to capture an image in a low light setting. I’ve seen people not bother taking the shot because they are required to have their ISO greater than 100. Like OMG. we live in 2023 now, and the tech on some of these sensors are AMAZING.

Albeit that you most likely won’t win any photo competitions with HIGH ISO shots, it is certainly much better than have no photograph at all.
Here are bunch of ordinary street pictures I have taken with the Canon EOS R5 camera.

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